Republican Unitary Enterprise “Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato, Fruit and Vegetable Growing”, being a successor to the leading research profile centres, already more than 90 years conducts purposeful work in the field of breeding, seed growing and growing technology of potato, fruit, berry and vegetable crops.
It is difficult to find the agricultural enterprise, farm, household plot or seasonal dacha in the modern Belarus wherever the varieties created by scientists of our scientific and practical center were cultivated.
Scientific developments of the Center are in stable demand not only in our republic, but also in the neighboring countries.
We are always open for cooperation, are ready to provide advice and to offer our scientific developments in the field of agriculture.
The center is a founder of Republican Unitary Enterprise “Institute of Fruit Growing”, Republican Unitary Enterprise “Institute of Vegetable Growing”, Republican Production Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise “Tolochin Cannery”.

Main directions of scientific activity:

1. Breeding of fundamentally new varieties and crossbreeds of potatoes with productivity of 50.0-80.0 t/hectare, fruit – 25.0-30.0 t/hectare, berry – 10.0-12.0 t/hectare and vegetable cultures – 40.0 – 100.0 t/hectare.
2. Development of target ecologically safe resource-saving productions technology of potatoes, fruit and vegetable crops.
3. Providing a change of varieties and upgrade of varieties due to the accelerated production of original seed and planting material.
4. Scientific providing the branches of potato growing and fruit-and-vegetable growing for increase in their cost efficiency, competitiveness and providing in full needs of Republic of Belarus high-quality products of potatoes, fruits and vegetables